As a Republican and Conservative, Lauren is well-aligned with the values of our district.

He is pro-life, a loyal defender of the Second Amendment, and promotes fiscal responsibility. As an early Trump supporter, Lauren traveled the state with his family while his father, Public Service Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Jr. served as Georgia’s Co-Chair for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

His biggest priorities are protecting his family and serving his community. Stewardship and service to others are part of Lauren’s DNA, which is why he chose to pursue his business as a Funeral Director after spending 22 years in the role of first responder, Firefighter and EMT.

In an environment of constant change, Lauren will serve to protect our shared conservative values. 
  • Advocate for Pro-Life Policies
  • Defend the Second Amendment
  • Maintain Fiscal Responsibility
Forsyth County has so many strengths and so much potential. As we face the expansion of the technology corridor up GA 400, Lauren wants to leverage the talent and resources that our district has to offer and work to protect what is most important to those he represents:
  • Champion controlled growth that preserves Lake Lanier, the Chattahoochee River and our beautiful foothill community.
  • Remain vigilant in protecting our water resources.
  • Fight for more proactive transportation and infrastructure solutions for our district.
  • Provide bold leadership and collaboration that unites our community, best represents our vision and gives Forsyth County deeper connectivity and better influence in our state government.
As a father of three children, Lauren has been deeply involved in our school system, spending seven years on the local school council. He has a vested interest in securing the value of one of Georgia’s premier school districts:
  • Preserve funding and improve support for our teachers and classrooms.
  • Ensure that local control remains a priority to keep resources here at home.
  • Provide an experienced perspective on requirements for school safety.
Lauren spent his career as a first responder, EMT and firefighter. As Coroner, he sees first-hand far too many tragedies with young folks in our community and is passionate about serving and protecting our families.
  • Lead, educate and prevent the effects of the opioid crisis so that not only law enforcement but also our parents, our children and our schools can be informed and protected.
  • Highlight and expand programs in our district and our state to combat the growth in drug-related crimes and incidents in “The Triangle.”
As a business owner and community leader, Lauren has built relationships with employers across our district. He will be a true representative of the needs and priorities of our business community.
  • Reduce bureaucracy to create job opportunities.
  • Speak up for the billion-dollar industry that Lake Lanier provides.
  • Put Forsyth County in the spotlight as a partner for Governor Kemp's initiatives to ensure Georgia remains the best place to do business.